An Attitude of Gratitude

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Cultivate an attitude of gratitude this Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, now is a great time to steep a pot of tea and take a few minutes to reflect on the many blessings in our lives. Join us in cultivating an attitude of gratitude this month!

What are you grateful for this year? Let us know on Facebook and Instagram!


Meet the Team: Ada Slivinski

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ada slivinski jam pr

Ada Slivinski manages PR, social media and special events for the Garden! She was a regular customer before joining us in 2016. Her talented team at Jam PR includes photographer Juli Talerico, who takes all of our gorgeous High Tea photos, and Alex Estanislao, who manages social media. We couldn’t do all of this without them!



Meet the Team

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Tiffany Picard, marketing consultant

Tiffany Picard has been managing the Secret Garden website and newsletter since 2014. Over the years our newsletter community has grown to nearly 12,000 readers. We love being able to keep in touch and share a little of the Secret Garden spirit with each of you!



Cookies for a Cause: The Looking Glass Foundation

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looking glass cookies to benefit the Looking Glass Foundation

Each month we hold special events to raise money for a different charity. This month, we’re raising funds for the Looking Glass Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to providing care and education for young people with eating disorders.

Stay tuned for more information on our upcoming events, and stop by our shop to purchase one of these beautiful Looking Glass cookies, crafted by our pastry chef Lysanne. Proceeds from each cookie will benefit the Looking Glass Foundation!

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Friends of the Garden

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Recently Janet Meares celebrated her 75th birthday in her happy place, The Secret Garden! Janet was one of the Garden’s very first customers over 20 years ago, and her grandson used to play baseball with Kathy’s son. Thank you Janet for all the happy memories at the Garden!



Bulk Loose Leaf Teas to Enjoy at Home

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Avalon Blend black tea benefits the Avalon Society

Do you have a favourite Secret Garden tea? Many customers have that one tea they keep coming back to, such as our fragrant Avalon Blend Black Tea, blended with vanilla, rose and bergamot.

Our Bulk 500g Teas are the best way to enjoy your favourite teas at great value. You’ll receive 10% off the regular price of the smaller bags.

To order Bulk Teas, simply select the Size dropdown option when purchasing teas online. You can even select the In-Store Pickup option if you prefer not to pay for shipping.

Premium teas at a great value? We’ll raise our teacups to that!

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Butterfly Cookies and How to Save the Butterflies

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Butterfly cookies

If you enjoy gardening, you’re sure to love the many beautiful butterflies that flit and fly through the gardens and parks around Vancouver. Butterflies are an important part of our ecosystem, pollinating plants, eating weeds and providing food for other birds and animals in the region.

save the butterflies

Sadly, butterfly populations have been on the decline in recent years. In Canada Monarch butterfly populations declined by 90 percent in 2017 compared to historical averages! Some good news is that due to efforts of many regions, Monarch butterflies made a comeback in 2018, but butterfly populations worldwide have still been in severe decline. Reasons may include pesticides, loss of habitat, and droughts caused by climate change.

butterfly cookies

This article by DIY Garden offers some great tips for how to help butterflies in your neighbourhood. Check it out and learn why butterflies are so important, and how we can help save them!

And if you’re craving a delicious tea cookie now, stop by our shop to pick up our freshly made sweets, or shop online to purchase teas to enjoy with your cookies!