Tea Stories

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We love to hear stories of special tea time memories. One long-time customer, Sheahan J., enjoys our Buckingham Palace tea every afternoon. Kathy has known Sheahan since she was born!

Here’s Sheahan’s story:

“I generally make my pot of Buckingham Palace tea around 4pm every day. Having done my household chores and grocery shopping, I have time to enjoy drinking my tea and doing a crossword puzzle or watching a show before getting started on making dinner. It is an hour I look forward to every day!”

Do you have a special tea memory or tradition you’d like to share?

Send us a note, and we’d love to feature you in our email newsletter and blog!

Buckingham Palace Black Tea at The Secret Garden Tea Company in Vancouver - buy online or in-store

Buckingham Palace is a luscious blend of Earl Grey black tea and Jasmine blossoms.

Click here to buy Buckingham Palace in Tins, Teabags, or 100g loose leaf.


What is Rooibos?

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Buy premium loose leaf rooibos tea at The Secret Garden in Vancouver - buy online

We serve nine different rooibos teas at Secret Garden, including as Creamy Caramel Rooibos, Raspberry Rooibos, and Chai Rooibos. But what is it exactly?

Rooibos (pronounced “roy-bos”) is actually an herb made from a South African shrub that only grows in the Cape Town region.

The resulting infusion is deep red, with a sweet and nutty flavour. We love rooibos because it has a strong, rich flavour, without caffeine. It can even take a bit of milk and sugar like a black tea! On top of that, rooibos is full of antioxidants and other nutrients.

Click here to browse our Rooibos Teas, or visit Secret Garden and try a pot of rooibos. Who knows, perhaps you’ll find a new favourite!

Secret Garden Giving Back: Kerrisdale Little League

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The Secret Garden Tea Company supports the Kerrisdale Little League in Vancouver

Secret Garden believes in the importance of supporting our local community. One way we give back is to sponsor two Little League teams in our neighborhood of Kerrisdale, in Vancouver. At the start of this season, the coach of the Major B team (pictured above) assured us, “We won’t let the Secret Garden down!”

Tea and baseball might not seem like a likely combination, but we think it’s all part of being part of a communi-tea!


Tea Pairing: Vanilla Almond Tea with a Sweet Treat

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Vanilla Almond Black Tea and freshly baked scones - the perfect pairing! Buy tea online from The Secret Garden Tea Company in Vancouver

We have so many teas and sweets, our menu can be a bit overwhelming. Of course you can choose any pastry and tea you like, but if you could use a suggestion, our staff would be glad to help!

One wonderful combination is our Vanilla Almond black tea and any sweet treat. The creamy vanilla and sweet almonds in Vanilla Almond tea makes it a true dessert tea. Pair it with our scones and add Devonshire cream and raspberry jam for a perfect morning or afternoon treat!

Click here to buy Vanilla Almond Tea

August Breakfast Special: Free Mini-Scone!

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Scones, pancakes, omelettes, French toast…and tea of course! Breakfast at the Secret Garden is always a great start to the day.

Now for the month of August, you can enjoy a free mini scone with breakfast. Simply mention the August Tea Special to receive your free mini scone; minimum order is $7 per person.

Breakfast hours are:

  • Monday-Friday 8am-11am
  • Saturday 8am-12pm
  • Sunday 9am-12pm

Please note we’ll be closed August 4-5. Other than that, we’re open daily for breakfast, lunch, and high tea. We hope to see you soon!

Best teahouse with breakfast and coffee at The Secret Garden in Vancouver

Pictured: Freshly baked cheese breakfast scone with bacon and eggs, hash browns, and fruit.

Secret Garden Giving Back

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At The Secret Garden we enjoy so many teas from India. Sponsoring students is one way we can give back to this amazing country. Since 2006, we have sponsored students through a local charity called HUGGS Canada, a nonprofit dedicated to helping low-income students in India receive education.

Once we sent a sweater to one of our sponsored students, Krishnaveni (pictured above). She wrote, “My dear Kathy Auntie and Erin Auntie, Thank you very much [for the sweater] and when ever I wear that sweater I feel as you are hugging me… I have joined St. Joseph’s college. The college is very nice… I and my family members are very thankful to you for giving me this opportunity.”

Thanks to HUGGS Canada, Krishnaveni received a teaching degree and is now helping other children in India learn vital skills. We’re very grateful to help students like KrishnaVeni grow and flourish!

Learn About Nutrition at The Secret Garden

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Special Nutrition Workshop:

All About Healthy Fats and Why Our Bodies Needs Them

At The Secret Garden on Wednesday, July 16

7:15 – 8:15 pm

Cost: Free!

RSVP required; call us at 604.261.3070 OR click here to sign up today

eventOn Wednesday, July 16, the Secret Garden is hosting a special event! Secret Garden staff member Jessica Viloria will be giving an interactive workshop on healthy fats and nutrition.

During this fun one hour event you’ll learn why our bodies needs fats, try two different food samples, sip Secret Garden tea, and receive special recipes to take home! Food tastings will include one of Secret Garden’s scrumptious salads with an alternate dressing, and an easy cocoa dessert.

This special event is free of charge; donations kindly accepted.

Seating is limited, so please RSVP today by calling 604.261.3070, or click here to sign up online.

We hope to see you there!


About Jessica:

Jessica is a student at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition, where she is studying  how to provide proper nutrients that the body needs to thrive, heal and prevent disease. She’s also learning how to treat the body as a whole with each person as an individual through food, natural supplements, stress management techniques, and other holistic approaches.

Tea and Food Pairing: Lemon Tart and Anniversary Blend Tea

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Tangy mini lemon curd tarts at The Secret Garden Tea Company

At the Secret Garden, we believe tea time is an important time of the day–whether you pause for tea in the morning, afternoon, or evening. In this busy modern world we live in, taking a tea break gives you a quiet moment to relax and catch your breath. And often, a sweet or savoury treat can make your tea time even more delightful!

One of our most popular sweets is our Mini Lemon Tart. Our light, buttery tart shells, crafted by our pastry chefs, each hold a perfect mouthful of creamy lemon filling. The tarts are sweet, with just enough lemony tang.

Anniversary Blend

Any tea will go great with our sweets. However, one lovely tea pairing  for the tarts is the Anniversary Blend Black Tea. We created this tea in celebration of Secret Garden’s inception: Smooth black tea blends with citrusy bergamot (the classic flavor in Earl Grey tea). On top of this, we layer floral jasmine flowers and creamy vanilla.

With sweet vanilla and citrus notes, the Anniversary Blend complements the Mini Lemon Tarts to a tea (pun intended!).

We’d love to host you at our tea room in Vancouver the next time you could use a little tea break. Try this tea pairing or find your own yummy tea and treat combination! You can also order our Lemon Tarts To Go, along with our other sweets and savouries.

Buy Anniversary Blend Black Tea