Three Ways to Steep Loose Leaf Tea

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At The Secret Garden, we serve premium loose leaf teas. This is the traditional way to enjoy tea and allows the tea to release its full flavour. While we do offer some of our bestselling teas in convenient teabags, loose leaf teas can be easy to prepare as well. Here are three tips to brew loose leaf tea at home:

1) Disposable Tea Filters

Tea filters make tea brewing very simple. Just place a scoop of tea leaves inside the filter, and add hot water!

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2) Tea Ball

A tea ball is another simple way to enjoy loose leaf tea. Simply add a scoop of tea, place into your cup and add hot water! Note that if the tea ball is filled too full, the leaves will not have room to expand fully and release all of their flavour. For teapots use a tea filter, larger tea ball, or steep loose as noted below.

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3) Steep loose and strain

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You can also add your tea directly into the teapot, add hot water, and strain the leaves as you pour the tea into your teacup. This is a classic way to steep tea leaves, but if the tea leaves sit inside the pot too long, your tea may oversteep.

With a tea filter or tea ball, you can remove the tea leaves at any time once your tea has steeped to perfection. We also sell some teapots with built-in infuser baskets that can be removed once your tea has steeped.


How much tea and how long to steep?

A general rule of thumb is about 1 rounded teaspoon of tea per cup. Steep 3-5 minutes with boiling water, depending how strong you like your tea.

Green teas are more delicate, so use water below the  boil, 180 F. (82 C.) and steep for 2-3 minutes to prevent the tea from becoming bitter. Hot water is just about right for green tea when tiny bubbles are forming on the bottom of the kettle, but before the water starts bubbling into a full boil.

We also have convenient measuring spoons to help you make the perfect cup or pot of tea every time.

Buckingham Palace Black Tea

How long do tea leaves keep?

Over time, the flavours of your tea may fade. You can store our teas for at least 1 year. To ensure optimum flavour, store teas away from heat, light, moisture, and strong smells. Our re-useable tins are a great way to keep tea fresh for longer periods of time.


How do you brew loose leaf tea?

Black Tea, Herbal Teas, and Rooibos Tea:

Add 8 ounces boiling water to 1 rounded teaspoon of tea leaves. Steep for 3-5 minutes.

Green Tea:

Add 8 ounces of 180 F. (82 C.) water to 1 rounded teaspoon of tea leaves. Steep for 2 minutes. The water is just about right for green tea when tiny bubbles are forming on the bottom of the kettle (before the water starts bubbling into a full boil).

Iced Tea:

Use twice as much tea per 8 oz, and steep as usual. Pour over a cup or jug of ice cubes (use a heat-resistant container).


The last step: Sit back and relax!

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Once you have steeped the perfect pot of tea, place a tea cozy around your teapot to keep it warm.

Then be sure to sit back, relax, and take time to savour your tea. Steeping tea can be a simple ritual to help you find a moment of relaxation in your busy day. Whether you take just five minutes, or enjoy a full tea party with friends, tea is always here to help you enjoy the moment!

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