The History of Afternoon Tea and High Tea

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The history of afternoon tea and high teaSecret Garden’s tea service brings a little bit of tea tradition to the heart of Vancouver.

Legend has it that the afternoon tea tradition began in England in the late 1800s. At that time dinner was eaten late in the evening around 9pm, often leaving people hungry in the afternoon.

The Duchess of Bedford complained of a “sinking feeling” in her stomach during the day, and began taking tea and light snacks in the afternoon. She invited her friends to join her tea breaks, and the idea spread like wildfire through their social circles. Afternoon tea was the perfect way to enjoy a meal and socialize with friends.

While afternoon tea was characterized by lighter fare, high tea was traditionally a heavier meal served at the end of a work day on a high table (hence the name).

Secret Garden’s High Tea could be considered an afternoon tea, though we serve it from noon until early evening. We chose to call our premier service “high tea” simply because our customers in Canada are more familiar with this term! But regardless of the name, our tea service continues a longstanding tradition: taking time to relax over delicious food and tea, and enjoying the company of good friends.

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