Temporary Closure due to COVID-19 Crisis

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Hello from the Secret Garden,

Starting March 19, 2020, we are temporarily closing our doors due to the coronavirus epidemic. It was a difficult decision, but the safety of our staff and customers are top priority. Here is a brief video message to you from Erin and Kathy:

We will be putting out daily messages, so please join our community on Facebook and Instagram to stay connected and support each other through these turbulent times.

Small businesses are really suffering right now, but you can help support your community by shopping online. We are offering a limited time sale on in-store Gift Certificates, so you can save up to $30 on future visits.

You can also still purchase our teas online, to be delivered straight to your doorstep. Now more than ever we can use a simple ritual to help us pause, breathe and gain perspective on the stresses we are facing!

The Secret Garden has been a gathering place for over 20 years, and we are so grateful for your support of our small family-owned business. We look forward to opening our doors to you again in the near future. Let’s get through this together!

Kathy and Erin
Co-owners of The Secret Garden

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