Secret Garden Giving Back

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At The Secret Garden we enjoy so many teas from India. Sponsoring students is one way we can give back to this amazing country. Since 2006, we have sponsored students through a local charity called HUGGS Canada, a nonprofit dedicated to helping low-income students in India receive education.

Once we sent a sweater to one of our sponsored students, Krishnaveni (pictured above). She wrote, “My dear Kathy Auntie and Erin Auntie, Thank you very much [for the sweater] and when ever I wear that sweater I feel as you are hugging me… I have joined St. Joseph’s college. The college is very nice… I and my family members are very thankful to you for giving me this opportunity.”

Thanks to HUGGS Canada, Krishnaveni received a teaching degree and is now helping other children in India learn vital skills. We’re very grateful to help students like KrishnaVeni grow and flourish!

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