Secret Garden Tea Cozies

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The Secret Garden’s embroidered tea cozies keep your tea nice and hot while you enjoy your meal or afternoon tea!

Both our 2-cup and 6-cup tea cozies are lovingly handmade in Victoria, B.C.

Tea Filters

japanese-teafiltersIt’s super easy to brew a pot of tea with these disposable tea filters. Just place a spoonful of tea inside the filter, flip the top closed, place in your teapot or teacup, and add hot water! Each pack comes with 60 filters.

Price: $6.95

Tea Measuring Spoons

teaspoonsMake the perfect cup and pot of tea every time with our stainless steel tea measuring spoons!


Tea Ball

teaballsCup and teapot sized tea balls make tea brewing simple.

Tea Strainer

Strain tea leaves out as you pour tea into your teacup! The strainer fits over most teacups and mugs, and comes with a holding dish.

Price: $9.00