Characterized by a delicate taste and high level of antioxidants. Brew with water below the boil (about 180 degrees) for the best flavour. Low-to-medium caffeine.

Milk Oolong

Notes of fragrant orchid and sweet cream create a rich, smooth infusion.

Ingredients: Chinese oolong tea.

Green Pear

Green PearGreen tea blended with juicy pear yields a fruity, sweet elixir.

Ingredients: Green tea, pear pieces (sulfured), flavour, rose petals.


Jasmine with Flowers

Jasmine with FlowersNight-blooming jasmine flowers and Chinese green tea create this floral, heady infusion. Savor with cucumber tea sandwiches or pulled chicken brie croissants for the perfect lunch or high tea.

Ingredients: Chinese green tea, jasmine flowers.


Sencha Green TeaA pure, traditional Japanese green tea. Grassy and vegetal with notes of sweet corn.

Ingredients: Japanese green tea