Gift Baskets are the ultimate Secret Garden gift! Gift baskets must be pre-ordered at least 72 hours in advance, and picked up in-store during store hours. After ordering, fill out our Pickup Form to complete your order.

Gift Baskets (pickup in-store only)

Tea Gift Basket

Gift Baskets – Pickup In-Store Only (No Shipping Available for Gift Baskets)

Our beautiful Secret Garden Gift Baskets are filled to the brim with treats that are sure to delight any gift recipient! Each basket includes:

  • A 6-cup ceramic teapot*
  • Tea mug*
  • Swedish dish towel*
  • Teaball infuser with clip handle
  • 100g Tin of Creamy Earl Grey
  • 100g bag of Secret Garden’s Secret
  • 100g bag of Buckingham Palace
  • 100g bag of Creamy Earl Grey
  • Secret Garden Cranberry Scone Mix

*Please note: teapot, tea mug and dish towel colours will vary.

Gift baskets must be pre-ordered at least 72 hours in advance, and must be picked up in store (no shipping available). To order a Gift Basket:

  1. Pre-order below, at least 72 hours in advance.
  2. Fill out our pickup form to schedule a time to pick up your Gift Basket during store hours.
Price: $150