Last Updated: September 2021

Our Covid-19 Safety Plan

We will be taking all precautions to keep our guests safe and healthy. This includes limiting seating capacity, spacing tables far apart, requiring contact free pre-payment, sanitizing tables and chairs between seatings, and frequent deep-cleaning and sanitizing of the shop. 

The Secret Garden’s first priority is the health and safety of our guests and our staff.

In order to reopen we have put a number of protocols in place following WorkSafe BC guidelines. Through implementing these new protocols, we hope to reinforce the trust we have always enjoyed from our guests. The items we are paying close attention to are listed below:

Employees will be reminded and monitored for general hygiene including hand washing, face touching and cross contamination.

A log will be implemented that employees must sign to verify cleaning is being done at the specified intervals.

There will be installation of plexiglass barriers which will be cleaned regularly.

Staff will be required to wash their hands every 30 minutes and after touching any dirty dish, glass, utensil or high touch surface.

Employees will be asked to keep distance from one another while on shift.

Guests in line will be asked to social distance and will be monitored by a designated employee.

Restrooms will be outfitted with warm running water, soap & paper towels.

Hand sanitizer will be available for guests upon request.

A single menu will be placed on a stand for customers to view. Menus will be sanitized after each seating. Single use menus will be used when applicable.

As per Vancouver Coastal Health masks will be optional for Secret Garden staff.

After each seating servers will thoroughly clean table areas.

Individual cleaning kits will be designated to each employee.

Clear signage will be posted indicating that customers exhibiting visible cold / flu / COVID symptoms will be denied entry and service.

There will be flow stickers & social distancing reminders to minimize unnecessary contact.

Schedules will be in place for cleaning high touch surfaces.

Each server will have a designated computer, which will be sanitized after each use.

High touch items on tables will be removed and offered by request. After each use items will be sanitized

All cloths will be washed between shifts and designated to individual employees.

All staff will be checked for visible symptoms upon arrival for their shift and asked if they have any symptoms.

All suppliers will be asked if they have any symptoms and will be observed for symptoms.

There will be social distancing where possible in restrooms.

Customer restrooms will be cleaned every hour.

There will be limited staff in the back of house and all staff will maintain distance.

There will be limited access of kitchen area to delivery agents.

There will be only one server allowed to enter kitchen area to bring out food to customers.

Staff bathrooms will be cleaned twice a day.

Back of house staff will be instructed not to share knives, utensils, or service tools. High touch equipment (freezer doors, oven handles, knobs) will be cleaned regularly and cleaned / sanitized in between different users.

The Secret Garden will communicate new floor plans, menus, schedules and shift policies, sanitization and documentation procedures, curbside/to go and gift card programs, tipping and schedule changes, and staff hygiene and uniform standards as they may change. The Secret Garden will have a sign-in sheet to verify employees have been informed and trained on these procedures.

The Secret Garden will appoint a health and safety point person for each new shift and share the name of that person with staff. That person will be responsible for ensuring best practices are adhered to and education materials are shared.

The Secret Garden will communicate covid symptom policy.

The Secret Garden will identify hard-to-cover positions and implement cross-training to prepare for possible sick leave, outages, and coverage issues.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for more information. We look forward to seeing you soon!