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In a world of franchising and fleeting trends, the values at the core of The Secret Garden Tea Company are timeless: Stay small. Be good at what you do. If it sounds like The Secret Garden is a bit of a throwback to simpler times, it is.

Maybe that’s why, since it’s inception in 1995, people come from miles around to the cozy little teahouse. Certainly for the delicious food and soothing tea, but also for the good feeling they take home with them. A feeling that comes from relaxing instead of rushing, and from reflecting on all the sweet little good things of life. Like family. Like friends.

And a lovely cup of tea.

Kathy & Erin Wyder, sister in-laws and co-owners of The Secret Garden Tea Company

Kathy & Erin Wyder, sister in-laws and co-owners of The Secret Garden Tea Company

Inspired by two remarkable Grandmothers

Sister-in-laws Kathy and Erin Wyder own The Secret Garden Tea Company together. The Secret Garden has been open for over 20 years, and they’ve been inspired by their grandmothers every day:

Kathy Wyder

Owner Secret Garden Tea Co.

“Since I can remember, my Gammy had beautiful tea parties with lovely ladies dressed up in wonderful hats, usually nibbling on little petit fours. I’d listen to them chatting and laughing, from under my bed, my hands full of her famous tiny shortbread cookies. Drinking tea from a pretty cup, reaching out to friends – that was her way of honouring the moment. I think people crave a little beauty in their lives. I love that The Secret Garden has become that place where people can slow down and connect with themselves.”

Gammy Bental

Gammy Bentall

Erin Wyder

Owner Secret Garden Tea Co.

“When I was a little girl, I would have tea with my Nana everyday at three o’clock. It was our tradition. Using her big teapot and having all the lovely baked goods, cuddling and talking about my day – it made a huge impression on me. I love that people find their own traditions here at The Secret Garden. Our attention to detail (we do small things with great love) is an expression of our genuine desire to nurture our community. Maybe a little like my Nana nurtured me.”

Nan McBeath

Nan McBeath







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