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Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada feature: Canadian Entrepreneurs Engaging with Canada

Recently Erin Wyder, co-owner of The Secret Garden, participated in a feature by the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada addressing Canadian Entrepreneurs Engaging With Asia.

“Usually people look to Asia for tea, yet customers from Asia go to great lengths to get tea from Vancouver’s Secret Garden Tea Company. “We have our own brand of tea,” says Erin Wyder, who owns the company with her sister-in-law, Kathy Wyder. “Some of the blends, we blend in-house. We are also a restaurant that specializes in afternoon tea.”

“Clients from the Asia Pacific are most often introduced to Erin and Kathy’s artfully blended teas while visiting Vancouver, or through gifts from friends returning home from Canada. “We have a very loyal clientele from Asia who will come and visit us,” Erin explains. “Some will purchase 20 bags of tea and take them back on the airplane.” Word spreads and soon others from Asia are ordering their teas online, particularly in the coveted Secret Garden fancy tea tins. Erin and Kathy have also developed a wholesale relationship with the Klondike store in Hong Kong.”

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