Tea Stories: High Tea with granddaughters

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Grandmother and Granddaughter High Tea at The Secret Garden Tea Company in Vancouver, BC
Susan, a Secret Garden customer, shares a favourite tea memory with her two granddaughters!

“Last January our twin ten year old granddaughters came from the Yukon to spend a week with us. We mapped out the week, with High Tea at the Secret Garden, a high point in the week!

“After viewing the whale articulation at the Beaty Museum, we raced home to ‘dress’ for high tea. The girls were so excited!!! One said, ‘I wonder if we will do everything right!’ When we arrived one of the girls asked the server to tell us how to do High Tea, the proper way. The server delighted in the girl’s’ enthusiasm for proper etiquette.

“We had such a grand time together; every conversation since has always included moments from the experience! I love bringing people for High Tea and elegant lunches.”

Do you have a tea story you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you!

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