Teddy Bear Picnic: Children’s High Tea To Go

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Summertime Treats To Go and High Tea To Go - Teddy Bear Picnic with Kids

Kids love tea! Perhaps you have your own memories of playing tea party as a child, or having tea with your parents or grandparents.

Recently The Secret Garden hosted a Teddy Bear picnic in the park for some of our youngest customers. They loved “playing grownup” with the fancy teacups and teapots, complete with our bright pink Blue Angel herbal tea.

You can host your own Teddy Bear Tea Party with our Children’s High Tea To Go (teaware rented separately). Or bring your little ones in enjoy our  Children’s High Tea here at the Garden!

Teatime is a great way to create treasured memories with your kids. Here are a few photos from the Teddy Bear picnic:

It’s iced tea season!

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Iced Tea at the Secret Garden Tea Company in Vancouver

It’s iced tea season! Stop by our shop for a refreshing glass of citrusy Creamy Earl Grey or fruity Blue Angel hibiscus tea.

You can also enjoy our iced tea at home. Here is a simple recipe to make iced tea anytime:

  1. Steep 2 teaspoons of tea leaves in 8 ounces of boiling water for 3 minutes.
  2. Pour over ice into a heat-tempered glass.
  3. Add lemon, simple syrup, or milk if desired. (Do not add milk to hibiscus tea blends or tea with fresh lemon.)
  4. Enjoy!

Browse our teas online and see more of our favourite iced tea recipes.


Vanilla, Earl Grey & Rose: Avalon Blend

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Avalon Blend Earl Grey at The Secret Garden Tea Company

Spring is just around the corner. It’s refreshing to have some sunshine and see delicate crocuses and snowdrops peeking out of gardens!

If you’re in a floral mood this month, try our Avalon Blend Black Tea. It’s luscious blend of vanilla, rose petals and citrusy bergamot that pairs perfectly with our March High Tea.

For every sale of Avalon Blend, we donate a portion of proceeds to the Avalon Recovery Society, where women in recovery can find strength and hope in a supportive environment.

Buy Avalon Blend Earl Grey


Happy Galentine’s Day!

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Enjoy Galentine's Day with High Tea at The Secret Garden Tea Company in Vancouver!

Everyone knows about Valentine’s Day, but have you heard of Galentine’s Day? It’s an unofficial holiday on February 13th, when women spend the day with their best girlfriends.

We love this idea! The Secret Garden is all about creating a place for loved ones to gather. This week, we’re sharing a few ways you can celebrate Galentine’s Day this year with your besties.

High Tea, of course!

Teacup at The Secret Garden in Vancouver - High Tea for Galentine's Day and Valentine's Day!

High Tea is the perfect way to enjoy a day out with the girls. And it just so happens that we have a brand new February High Tea Menu for you:

February High Tea Menu


Secret Garden Egg Pinwheels
Cheddar Onion Roast Beef on Housemade Buttermilk Biscuits
Shrimp Reuben Mini Croissants


Petit Fruit Scone with Raspberry Jam and Devonshire Cream
Tea Cake Slices
Tangy Mini Lemon Tart
Flourless Chocolate Walnut-Date Cake with Orange Ganache
Traditional Quebec Sugar Pie with Créme Chantilly

Pot of Tea

High Tea is also a special way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Seatings are 3x daily at 12 noon, 2:15pm, and 4:30pm. Call (604) 261-3070 or fill out our Online Reservation Form to reserve your table.


Add some sparkles! View our extensive drink menu at The Secret Garden Tea Company

Sparkling wine, Rose, and Champagne at The Secret Garden Tea Company in Vancouver, BC

If you visit for brunch or High Tea, make your day extra sparkly by adding some sparkling wine! Our full drink menu includes a sparkling rosé, classic red and white wine, and fruity mimosas.

View the Drink Menu Here


Send tea to friends and loved ones for Valentine's Day - shop at The Secret Garden Tea Company

Send tea to friends and loved ones for Valentine's Day - shop at The Secret Garden Tea Company

If your best friends don’t live nearby, you can still share tea with them. We ship our fresh, delicious teas all around the world.

Send them their favourite tea, and make a date to connect by Skype or FaceTime to have a “virtual tea date” on Galentine’s Day!

Send somebody tea! 



Gift Certificates for everyone on your list!

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Best Tea Gifts in Vancouver - Secret Garden Gift Certificates

High Tea, breakfast, lunch, gift shop items, teas, fresh pastries…

The Secret Garden experience can be different for everyone! That’s why our Gift Certificates are the perfect gift for every person on your list.

Plus, if you select our electronic PDF gift certificate option, you won’t need to wait for the gift certificate to arrive in the mail. Buy gift certificates online, or visit our shop to purchase gift certificates in any denomination.

Buy Secret Garden Gift Certificates


Tea Gift Ideas for the Holidays

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To help with your holiday shopping, we’re offering a Free Shipping special. Enjoy free U.S. and Canada-wide shipping on any order of $20 or more through our Online Tea Shop!

Free U.S. and Canada shipping
Use code: CHEER

Good through 12/15/17 with order of $20 or more

Not sure what to get your loved ones for Christmas? Here are a few gift ideas:

Tea Gift Sets - Buy tea online at The Secret Garden Tea Company

Tea Gifts - Buy tea online at The Secret Garden Tea Company

Christmas Spice Tea - Buy tea online at The Secret Garden Tea Company

Buy Tea Gifts Online - Secret Garden Gift Certificates - Vancouver, BC


Order today to make sure you gifts arrive in time for Christmas!

Free U.S. and Canada shipping
Use code: CHEER

Good through 12/15/17 with order of $20 or more


Start Shopping Now


Teas for Fall

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With the weather getting cool, we take refuge in a hot cup of tea. Of course, you’ll see us sipping our favourite Creamy Earl Grey all year round, but here are a few more of our favourite fall teas you may not be as familiar with:

Buy Masala Chai in Vancouver - The Secret Garden Tea Company Masala Chai

Full of warming spices like ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg, our Chai is the perfect black tea to cozy up to by the fire. Add a splash of milk and sugar for a rich, decadent brew.

Buy Masala Chai >





Teashop in Vancouver - Buy rooibos tea from The Secret Garden

Creamy Caramel Rooibos

Sweet caramel and nutty rooibos are a match made in heaven. This caffeine-free blend yields a comforting, dessert-like cup.

Buy Creamy Caramel Rooibos >






Ginger Lemongrass Tea at The Secret Garden - buy online

Ginger Lemongrass

This spicy-sweet elixir is our go-to tea when we catch a cold. Warming ginger and citrusy lemongrass create a healthful blend that we can sip anytime of day.

Buy Ginger Lemongrass >






Shop for Teas Online



Iced Tea Recipes for Summer

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Iced Tea at the Secret Garden Tea Company in Vancouver

All of our teas taste great over ice, but here are a few of our favorite iced tea recipes to beat the heat this summer:

Iced Hibiscus Punch

Our Blue Angel Herbal Tea is a blend of tangy pink hibiscus blossoms and fruit pieces. Naturally sweet and tangy, it’s popular with kids! To make a low-sugar “fruit punch,” brew Blue Angel twice as strong as normal, then pour it over ice in a heatproof glass. Add a splash of lemonade to taste.

Shop for Blue Angel Herbal Tea

Lemony Earl Grey

Creamy Earl Grey is one of our best-selling teas. A blend of citrusy bergamot fruit and luscious vanilla, it’s an enchanting twist on a classic tea. Poured over ice, we like to add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and a bit of sugar to bring out the natural, refreshing citrus notes.

Jasmine Mint Green Tea

Brew our Jasmine Green Tea with twice as much tea leaves as usual. Muddle some fresh mint in a cocktail shaker, and add a scoop of ice and a generous squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Add in the steeped green tea and shake. Decant into a glass over ice, and garnish with more mint!

Iced Chai & More

Our Buckingham Palace, Pear Green Tea, and Masala Chai are other go-to iced teas. Add some sweetener and whole milk to iced Masala Chai for an exotic teatime treat!

Shop for Iced Teas

Iced Tea at the Secret Garden Tea Company in Vancouver

Gifts for Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is coming up soon! Here are a few more treats your mom is sure to love:

1. Mother’s Day High Tea To Go

Where to go for Mother's Day in Vancouver - High Tea Picnic to Go at The Secret Garden

Even if you can’t make it to our in-store High Tea, you can still enjoy our exclusive Mother’s Day menu, in the comfort of your own home:

Hold a special picnic (weather permitting!) or an at-home tea party with our Mother’s Day High Tea To Go!


2. Secret Garden Gift Certificate

Secret Garden Gift Certificate - buy in-store or online

Send your mom a paper or electronic gift certificate for her favourite teashop! We offer in-store as well as online store gift certificates.


3. Tea Gift Sets

Tea Gift Sets at The Secret Garden in Vancouver

Our lovely Gift Sets and Tea Cookies are a beautiful way to brighten your mom’s day.


4. Tea Tins

Tea Gifts - Buckingham Palace and Secret Garden's Secret Tins of Tea


We offer our best-selling black teas in reuseable tea canisters. Choose from Creamy Earl Grey, Secret Garden’s Secret, and Buckingham Palace.

Wishing you a very special day with your mom this year!