Tea Story: A Special Window Seat

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Popular Vancouver High Tea at The Secret Garden Tea Company - best rated teahouse in VancouverA Secret Garden customer recently shared this lovely story of his mother:

“As you walk by the Secret Garden at noon, you might see Audray at the left window table enjoying a wonderful High Tea.

“She’ll be with one of her daughters or even her son who visits twice a year from Ireland. We call this particular table ‘our table’ because we have always been able to reserve it 3-4 times a year for the past 10 years.

“Audray has been taken to other high teas, but nothing compares to the Secret Garden. At 95, she is a very independent lady. She grew up in Shaughnessy and has lived in Vancouver for most of her life. Kerrisdale is one of her favourite Vancouver haunts, so it’s natural that she would want to visit the Secret Garden.

“It’s quite usual to see a mother with her young well-behaved daughter having a High Tea as a treat. It reminds Audray of having a similar special day with her mother at the Empress in Victoria!”

Do you have a special tea story to share? Send us a note!

Tea Friends

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Some friendships are timeless duos, like salt and pepper, peanut butter and jelly, tea and cookies! Tea and friendship also go together well, since tea is the perfect excuse to catch up and share some time together.

tea friends patti brenda

A while back we featured the story of tea friends Patti & Brenda. These best friends recently reunited over High Tea! Patti said, “When [Brenda] came to Vancouver, we headed to my favourite tea spot…The Secret Garden. It is now Brenda’s favourite too!”

Tea Stories: Milestones

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Wedding Tea Cookies at The Secret Garden in Vancouver, BC Here is one customer’s story of how tea times with her daughter have marked many milestones over the years:

“My daughter Keeley and I have been coming to the Secret Garden since 1995 when she was 3 yrs old–she is now 22. Our visits to the Secret Garden are VERY important to us–we started coming for mother/daughter time when my older daughter was receiving respite care at Canuck Place Children’s Hospice.

“After my older daughter passed away there in 1997, Keeley and I continued our mother/daughter visits. It has always been time for us to talk, connect and enjoy our favorite teas (Buckingham Palace for me and Creamy Earl Grey for Keeley).

“Our Secret Garden visits helped us get through her teen years, where we celebrated her graduation, and her engagement last year!”

We love hearing stories of how tea brings people together. Do you have a special tea tradition or memory? We’d love to hear your story!

Tea Story: Friends Forever

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In our last email newsletter we asked you to tell us who you would share High Tea with. We were touched and inspired the stories you shared! Here’s one customer’s tea story:

Patti and Brenda have known each other their whole lives and their fathers were best friends since 1937. Both ladies love tea and have had many happy tea times together over the years. They even exchanged teacups which belonged to each of their mothers.

The two no longer live in the same city, but sometimes they get out their special teacups, brew up some tea, and have a tea party together over Facetime!

We love how tea can bring friends together, even over long distances. We hope you’ll have the chance to connect with someone special over tea this month!

From a Fan

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Customer review of cheese scones at The Secret Garden Tea CompanyOne young customer finds our Cheese Scones and Coconut Dream Bars to be the perfect snacks for studying. He writes:

“I managed to eat all 4 cheese scones in 1 day because one toasted with butter is my favourite snack ever. The soup and dream squares were finished shortly after. Treats like those make studying all the easier. Thanks!”  – Fraser R.




From Our Servers With Love

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Friendly staff at The Secret Garden provide good customer service for everyone! Visit us for High Tea in Vancouver, BC

We pride ourselves in hiring outstanding staff who serve with love and help you enjoy the Secret Garden every time you visit. Wendy, one of our regular customers, recently wrote us this kind note:“I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy my getaways to the Secret Garden. You have a lovely team of young women who are gracious and sweet and very welcoming. Best wishes for a healthy, content, prosperous 2015!”

We look forward to hosting you at the Secret Garden very soon!

Community Spotlight: Project Chef

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One of the secret ingredients that makes Secret Garden special is our commitment to giving back to the community. One local nonprofit we work with is Project Chef, a group dedicated to teaching children about healthy eating and empowering them to cook healthy meals themselves.

One young participant thanked us, saying, “I think this is an important program for Kids like me…I want to be a chef when I grow up. I loved that we could make healthy creations and then eat them after!”

Tea Stories: The Secret Garden Baby

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Child-friendly teashop The Secret Garden Tea Company - kids love our teashop in Vancouver

Lucy R. is literally a life-long customer at the Secret Garden. Her mother Andre helped design our original store, and was pregnant with Lucy at the time. Because of this, Kathy calls Lucy the Secret Garden Baby!

Lucy has always loved the Secret Garden, and her favourite tea is Creamy Earl Grey. She enjoys visiting the Garden for special occasions as well as quick tea breaks.

Since Lucy is now in college studying Computer Science, she doesn’t get to visit quite as often. But she still finds time to enjoy her Creamy Earl Grey before classes or while studying. And she’ll always be a special part of the Secret Garden family!

Do you have a special tea story or Secret Garden memory to share? Send us a note!