Creators Vancouver

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Recently our beautifully decorated Halloween cookies turned heads at Creators Vancouver! They share photos of some of the lovely (and delicious) creations decorated by our pastry chef Natania:

“‘And the secret garden bloomed and bloomed and every morning revealed new miracles.'”

“The Secret Garden author Frances Hodgson Burnett and her petulant young protagonist, Mary Lennox, might also be intrigued by the miraculous sweets revealed each morning at The Secret Garden Tea Company…”

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Vancouver Sun Interview with Kathy

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Recently Kathy was interviewed by the Vancouver Sun! She shared how her grandfather, a successful construction magnate, gave her business advice from a young age:

“‘One of the things he always said was to set money aside for the hard times,” says Wyder. “He was a child of the Depression but it made such a big impression on me. It’s how we were able to make this move into a bigger space.

‘He also said make sure that you give people quality and treat them well and they’ll come back… I laugh because that was in my 20s and I had other things on my mind. Dinners at Grandpa’s house would always include stories about his construction business that were not only entertaining but rich in wisdom.”

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Vancouver Courier Feature

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Kathy Wyder & Erin Wyder, owners of The Secret Garden Tea Company in Vancouver, B.C.


Recently Kathy and Erin were interviewed by the Vancouver Courier!

They shared about their favourite teas, the time they hosted the Duchess of Cornwall, and stories of some long-time customers:

“…Both Kathy and Erin have created a space for people to slow down. Loyal customers – and there are many – tell them the Secret Garden is their oasis, their refuge. They say it’s a place where you put ‘devices down and pinkies up.'”


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Vancouver Metro News Feature

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The Secret Garden was recently featured in the Vancouver Metro News!


“High tea shop finds success in changing Kerrisdale neighbourhood”

Owners of a longtime small business in Vancouver’s rapidly changing Kerrisdsale neighbourhood say careful planning has ensured its success as they prepare for an expansion.

The Secret Garden Tea Company started offering high tea in 1995 and has weathered rent hikes and changes in neighbourhood demographics so well that it is moving to a space twice as large as its current location later this month. Co-founder and Kerrisdale resident Kathy Wyder said adapting to new realities can be especially difficult for small businesses because profit margins are so tight.

“There’s been a lot of change in Kerrisdale,” she said.

“There’s a lot more challenges and I’m really proud of [co-owner] Erin and myself because we’ve managed to make it through some pretty hard times.”

Wyder and sister in-law Erin Wyder signed a 10-year lease in a new mixed use building on West 40th Avenue. Mid-rise condo buildings with retail space on the ground floor are replacing many of Kerrisdale postwar buildings.

The small businesses in those old buildings are often unintended casualties, said Kerrisdale Business Association Co-ordinator Terri Clark.

“When small businesses are thrown out, they can hardly ever afford a higher rent. That’s part of the problem.”

Hobbs Gift Shop, Boccocino Deli and most recently, The Red Onion, are among the small businesses that have closed in recent years. Some say the changing business landscape in Kerrisdale is due to an influx of Chinese residents.

“It has changed dramatically with an influx of new residents,” said Clark, who has been KBA’s co-ordinator for 17 years.

“It’s the way it is. It’s changed. You can’t stop change.”

But the Secret Garden’s scones, small sandwiches and never-ending selection of different teas have proved popular with a wide variety of customers.

“We have little girls, babies, up to women and men who are in their 90s,” said Wyder.

“We have people from all different cultures and I’m so happy with that.”

Diversity is also important when it comes to maintaining the balance between big box stores and family-owned businesses, she said.

“I think diversity is so important at so many levels but at the business level … if you have all big businesses and no small [ones], it just kills the character.”

Clark is confident the neighbourhood will remain a small business community. New small businesses are replacing the old ones and chain stores don’t necessarily find success in Kerrisdale – she pointed out Pier 1 Imports’ exit from the 41st Ave location that used to house IGA.

“We don’t control when businesses come or go. Our mandate is to create a good environment and I think we do a pretty good job of that.”

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Vancouver Magazine “Must-Try”

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The Secret Garden Tea Company featured in the Vancouver Magazine as a "Kerrisdale must-try"

Recently The Secret Garden was featured in Vancouver Magazine’s Neighborhood Guide 2016.

The guide listed The Secret Garden as a “Must-Try” in Kerrisdale:

“This Kerrisdale gem is hardly a secret. Welcomed with open arms by locals since the first cup of tea was poured 20 years ago, The Secret Garden Tea Company is known as a quaint spot to engage in timeless delights, steeped in tradition. It offers a cozy ambience complete with a high tea experience, including dainty house-made treats paired with popular tea blends and served on vintage china. Owners (and sisters-in-law) Erin and Kathy intended to create a space where one is encouraged to unplug and indulge in the simplicity of tea, pastries, and personal connection—phones down, pinkies up.

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24/604 Visits The Secret Garden

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Recently Vancouver lifestyle show 24/604 visited The Secret Garden for High Tea:

“It’s a afternoon of treats, conversation, and relaxation that allows us to spoil ourselves in a formal, sophisticated manner that slows things down and adds a little class to the coffee breaks that pass through our daily lives. High Tea takes that break to the next level, and at The Secret Garden Tea Company in Kerrisdale, you will be able to have a taste experience like no other as you enjoy your time in this idillic boutique setting…”

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Best Afternoon Tea in Vancouver by VancityBuzz

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Best afternoon tea in Vancouver by Vancity Buzz - The Secret Garden Tea Company for high tea and moreThe Secret Garden was recently named one of the best spots for afternoon tea in Vancouver by VancityBuzz!

“Once you’ve decided to experience high tea at the Secret Garden, your next big choice is going to have to be which of the many teas on their extensive list you’re going to sip on. The Kerrisdale tea house’s signature tea service includes all sorts of sweet and savoury items; don’t fear if you can’t finish them all, they will pack them up to go for you to enjoy later at home.”