Secret Garden Media Mentions

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Last month The Secret Garden was featured in two local blogs!

Top 8 Weekend Activities in Vancouver

Curiocity Vancouver named The Secret Garden as one of their top 8 Weekend Things To Do. They say:

“A Saturday high tea date is the most darling activity for a rainy weekend, and Secret Garden Tea Company is Vancouver’s most popular place to get sipping. Order breakfast, lunch, brunch, afternoon tea, or sample their beautifully homemade miniature sweets and scones.”

West Coast City Girl recommends The Secret Garden as part of her top 13 Ideas for Giving Experiences This Christmas. She writes,

“This is a great girls’ day or female family members outing. Secret Garden is always a winner (and is very good value for money!)”


Tea and Art

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Teacups and Flowers decorating the window at The Secret Garden

Vancouver Artist Karlie Rosin recently collaborated with The Secret Garden to create a beautiful flower and teacup display for our 22nd Anniversary event. On her blog, Karlie shared some lovely artwork and a review of her High Tea experience:

“There’s something so whimsical about The Secret Garden in Kerrisdale, Vancouver. I love going there because I feel instantly transported into a different world – one that is seemingly full of mystery, inspiration, great smells and tastes! Everyone is so nice over there- the customer service is truly phenomenal and the food & tea there is delicious!

There’s something special about being with great company, eating delicious food, and sipping on succulent tea. We had layers and layers of great tasting creations. I love seeing artistic passion being translated into many different fields- and you can tell that they are passionate about theirs!”

Read Karlie’s full review on her blog


Discoverher Review: The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

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Review of The Secret Garden Tea Company in Vancouver

Recently local blogger Annalise at Discoverher reviewed The Secret Garden as a perfect place to take your mom for Mother’s Day.

“If you are looking for a cozy, traditional high tea experience, look no further than the Secret Garden Tea Company. Inspired by their own Grandmothers, owners Kathy and Erin Wyder have reflected their values throughout the establishment. I definitely felt at home in this warm and welcoming restaurant.

“The food was very yummy and the tea was certainly soothing. Everything was very cute, from the teapot cozies to the painted china cups to the delicious, delicate desserts. I’m getting hungry just writing this!”

Read the full article at Discoverher



Mother’s Day High Tea To Go featured in I Like Her Style Magazine

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The Secret Garden featured in I Like Her Style Magazine

The Secret Garden was recently featured in I Like Her Style Vancouver, highlighting how to celebrate Mother’s Day with your mom. Author Codi Lynn recommends Secret Garden’s Mother’s Day High Tea To Go as a special way to treat your mom. She said,

“The portable High Tea Service that they offer is so unique. I was able to treat a friend last summer on a little mama date (images featured) to High Tea on the beach.”

Mother's Day High Tea To Go by The Secret Garden



Kerrisdale Insider feature

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Mother and daughter at The Secret Garden Tea Company: Featured in the Kerrisdale Insider

The Secret Garden was recently featured in the Kerrisdale Insider:

Mention Secret Garden Tea Company and an instant calm washes over people. They remark how much they love the tearoom and quickly follow with “We should go for tea together!”

In October 1995 the original Secret Garden Tea Company opened on West Boulevard. It was cozy and quaint and introduced many Vancouverites to the pleasure of high tea. Sister-in-laws Erin and Kathy Wyder are the owners; both were practically weaned on tea by their grandmothers.

“People crave a little beauty in their lives. I love that Secret Garden has become that place where people can slow down and connect with others.” – Kathy Wyder

Kathy and Erin Wyder, sister in-laws and co-owners of The Secret Garden

Kathy and Erin Wyder, sister in-laws and co-owners of The Secret Garden

And what a beautiful light and airy space it is. The moment you walk in the door you feel at home. The signature Secret Garden colour scheme remains (yellow, green, with accents of white and blue) which evokes memories of the former location, yet this is a fresh space and has a wow factor all its own. The square footage has increased dramatically; it is two thirds larger and seats 86 guests (as opposed to 40 previously).

…Testimonials for Secret Garden abound. Common themes include valuing time spent as a group celebrating an occasion such as an anniversary, birthday, bridal or baby shower, or an engagement. It’s also a place to spend one-on-one time with a friend, sister, daughter, mother, grandmother or husband.

What it boils down to is a visit to Secret Garden offers an opportunity to slow down and be present with others, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Tea anyone?

Read the full article in the Kerrisdale Insider

The Secret Garden Tea Company in Kerrisdale - featured in the Kerrisdale Insider

In the news: Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada

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Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada feature: Canadian Entrepreneurs Engaging with Canada

Recently Erin Wyder, co-owner of The Secret Garden, participated in a feature by the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada addressing Canadian Entrepreneurs Engaging With Asia.

“Usually people look to Asia for tea, yet customers from Asia go to great lengths to get tea from Vancouver’s Secret Garden Tea Company. “We have our own brand of tea,” says Erin Wyder, who owns the company with her sister-in-law, Kathy Wyder. “Some of the blends, we blend in-house. We are also a restaurant that specializes in afternoon tea.”

“Clients from the Asia Pacific are most often introduced to Erin and Kathy’s artfully blended teas while visiting Vancouver, or through gifts from friends returning home from Canada. “We have a very loyal clientele from Asia who will come and visit us,” Erin explains. “Some will purchase 20 bags of tea and take them back on the airplane.” Word spreads and soon others from Asia are ordering their teas online, particularly in the coveted Secret Garden fancy tea tins. Erin and Kathy have also developed a wholesale relationship with the Klondike store in Hong Kong.”

Click here to read the full article


High Tea To Go reviewed by The Vancouverite

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High Tea To Go review - The Secret Garden in Vancouver

Recently, local blogger Cindy Yu at The Vancouverite hosted a High Tea To Go party at her home. She shared:

“Secret Garden Tea Company… arguably pioneered the art of Afternoon Tea in Vancouver over the course of several decades. So it comes as no surprised that this institution would pioneer HOW we consume Afternoon Tea – by offering it “to go.”

“I recently had the opportunity to host Afternoon Tea at my House. Over 3.5 hours later, we felt content and more connected with each other. It was so lovely and in the end, I think we realized how much we needed this… Thank you, Secret Garden Tea Company for making this happen and teaching us the importance of human connections.”

Read the full review by The Vancouverite


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Tea at the Beach!

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High Tea Picnic in Vancouver - Secret Garden Afternoon Tea

Local blogger Codi at Creative Wife and Joyful Worker recently wrote about her High Tea To Go picnic at the beach! She shared:

“Myself and my friend, Samantha met at Crescent beach for a little play date. I’ve had a lot going on lately and found this day date to be so relaxing. Out came our towel, and we set up the high tea. With the tea pots and delicious spread of treats, the kids weren’t going far. They were just as into it as we were.”

Secret Garden High Tea To Go review - kid-friendly teas

“I am always thinking about gift ideas that are unique and meaningful. It really can’t get much better then quality time, good food, delicious drinks and a gorgeous setting. It’s time for me to start thinking, where can we High Tea next?”


Read Codi’s Full Review of High Tea To Go

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