Butterfly Cookies and How to Save the Butterflies

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Butterfly cookies

If you enjoy gardening, you’re sure to love the many beautiful butterflies that flit and fly through the gardens and parks around Vancouver. Butterflies are an important part of our ecosystem, pollinating plants, eating weeds and providing food for other birds and animals in the region.

save the butterflies

Sadly, butterfly populations have been on the decline in recent years. In Canada Monarch butterfly populations declined by 90 percent in 2017 compared to historical averages! Some good news is that due to efforts of many regions, Monarch butterflies made a comeback in 2018, but butterfly populations worldwide have still been in severe decline. Reasons may include pesticides, loss of habitat, and droughts caused by climate change.

butterfly cookies

This article by DIY Garden offers some great tips for how to help butterflies in your neighbourhood. Check it out and learn why butterflies are so important, and how we can help save them!

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